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The future of marketing on Instagram – How to attract new costumers

Instagram product Marketing

His real name is Helen Van Winkle, but social networks all know her as Baddie Winkle. This woman of 88 years opened its has of Instagram in 2014 and, since then, is has become in the elderly more popular of them networks. Both that already is invited vip to many events. Between them, the MTV Video Music Awards, to which came with a look of it more bizarre. Admire its waste of energy positive and vitality but, in this occasion, your choice stylistic is has won the since to worst look of the week. A mono color meat with details bright of colors, some boots with star and a cane customized have the blame. Before tell you its history, take a look to the look and to others that have selected of your has of Instagram. Do not have waste!

It all started from an idea by her granddaughter Kennedy two years ago. She had 17 years and to the get to House of the College, is you took place dress to his grandmother with his clothes (ones shorts broken, a t-shirt tie-dye and ones socks with leaves of marijuana) for do you a photo and upload it to them networks social. Can you imagine that your 86-year-old grandmother has become a social phenomenon? That is what happened how to get more instagram likes. Of the nothing began to reach likes and more likes, comments and, suddenly, his life gave a giro full. Until the day of today, in which its has of Instagram already has surpassed the 2 million of followers. Many it compare, for its extravagance, with Miley Cyrus and not are misguided since both could share wardrobe. You show that first photo that it led to the stardom in the networks.

However, Baddie has not been the only look that has left us stunned this week. We can also find other horrors at the MTV Video Music Awards, as the look of the actress Dascha Polanco or the set of Rita Ora. Without forgetting the costume of Wonder Woman’s Farrah Abraham. But there does not finish everything on the street and in other events we also found with some styling worthy of being included in this selection, Kristen Stewart, Salma Hayek and Kim Kardashian are examples of this. You you go to lose?

Although technically is possible access to Instagram from the desktop of the PC thanks to its version web, not is it same that use the app. The design not is the same, how to get more followers on insta the navigation also is different and in general not provides the same experience of user that the app of mobile.

To cover that hollow, the developer Danish of 22 years Terkel Gjervig has created Ramme, a customer not official of Instagram for Windows, Mac and Linux that imitates to the perfection the appearance and operation of the application original for devices mobile. If you are looking for have Instagram such which in your PC, this is the alternative that need-although, unfortunately, does not allow upload photos.

Ramme, (name whose meaning in Danish is “frame of photos”) replica to the detail the design of the app from mobile, in an interface agile and easy of use (because already it know of leftovers). That Yes, don’t expect extras or options beyond the basic own Instagram app added. Precisely this simplicity and minimalism is one of its points strong.

By that Ramme is a good alternative for who seek have the same experience Instagram in the desktop that in your mobile, and not want to depend on of a web page in the browser or have that learn how use another interface.

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